Smart Phone QR Systems


  • Ares QR-G Pro. version for Android Smartphones with “Man Down” Alarm capability.
  • Installation and setup in less than 10 minutes.
  • Reduces supervision costs; reports will be transmitted from remote locations to the area supervisor in seconds, notwithstanding these might be thousands of miles away.
  • Generates complete Tour Reports that include GEO verified QR Checkpoints, Sites, Tours, Officer in charge, Phone ID, Date & Time, Messages, Photographs, and a complete Tour evaluation, that includes omissions analysis.
  • Reports can be easily and readily viewed on a smartphone, tablet or a PC running Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Stand Alone – can operate on-line or off-line; databases are encrypted and compartmentalized within each phone.
  • Phone synchronizes with Google Drive™, Google Drive™ synchronizes with your PC. You get instantaneous transmission!
  • No need for a monthly or yearly subscription!

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