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Our company was founded by Mr. Aurelio Duran in 1914. Since its initiation the company specialized in Time Recorders, Time Recording equipment such as Watchman Clocks and Payroll Recorders, also Table Clocks, Wall Clocks, Pendulum Clocks and Tower Clocks for churches and temples.

Our experience with Guard Tour Verification equipment dates back to 1907 when Mr. Aurelio Duran first acquainted himself with the Newman Watchclock Corporation, a very prestigious company based in the USA (Currently Detex Corporation). Detex Corporation is nowadays one of our most esteemed distributors in the USA.

In 1914 A. Duran & Co. affianced additional distributorships from several other prestigious American and European companies such as Isgus J. Schlenker-Grusen GmbH from Germany and Cincinnati Time Recorder Co. from the USA; in this same year our company initiated manufacturing of clock parts, local assembly, installation and marketing of time recorders.

In 1993 our company changed its name from A. Duran & Co. to “Centor”.

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