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Light and Easy to Carry!

Guard Tour Recorder M8600

Very resistant to impacts and harsh handling; can operate seamlessly in the presence of mud, sand grease, water, dust, elements common to tropical rain forests and freezing environments. See Video

Military Quality design: Interchangeable Parts, can be repaired without the need of special tooling.

Operates with 3 AAA, alkaline batteries that can be purchased at any convenience store. Battery life 500,000 recordings or 2 years.

Casing manufactured in 20% glass reinforced Polycarbonate Lexan® 3412.

Guard ID Key FOBs and Badges.

  • Enables Guards en Supervisors to Log-In into the M8000 Tour Recorder and T8000 Portable Transfer Unit; in such a way that security Tours will appear digitally signed on the reports.
  • The Key to security is to know “Who, When, Where and What”!

The ID Key FOBs are manufactured in Dupont´s Zytel® Nylon 66.

The badges are manufactured in Lexan (Polycarbonate), with flame retardant and UV stabilized..

Recording Stations (Checkpoints):


In Aluminum for indoors or outdoors. Mounts with 2 Steel Screws.

In Polycarbonate for indoors or outdoors. This iButton Checkpoint is mounted with 6 steel screws; features a cavity where printed labels or symbols can be inserted.

Guarantee: 1,000,000
Recordings or 10 years!

Incident Messages Keypad & Booklet.

Special for outdoors and harsh environments. Enables Guards and Supervisors to record incident messages and/or regular messages via the M8000 Recorder.

All recorded messages will appear on the Reports along with the digital signature of the officer or supervisor who recorded the message.

Capacity 9999 Messages
Constructed with iButton® technology, this device operates seamlessly in the presence of mud, sand grease, water, dust, elements common to tropical rain forests and freezing environments.

Incident Messages Keypad & Booklet.

  • Ares Ve
    Written in Microsoft Visual Studio´s Visual Powerful and Very User friendly.
  • Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • No limit to the amount of Checkpoints, Sites, Patrol Officers, Tour Recorders, Message Booklets; can be expanded as needed.
  • Can export reports to Excel, Microsoft Word and .PDF format.

High Speed USB – P8000
Download Cradle. Manufactured
in Lexan® “Polycarbonate” to
withstand harsh environments,
where grease, grind, dust and
high humidity are common.

Transferring data from an
M8000 Recorder to a
Supervisor´s T8000 –
Quick and Easy!

T8000 Portable Data Transfer Unit. Enables supervisors to collect tour data from multiple guard sites, to later download at HQ. No need to retrieve M8000 units from sites for downloading.

Now the most powerful of all Guard Tour Verification and Evaluation tools: Our Ares Vm Systems work formidably with your Windows 10 Tablet!

This enables Supervisors to download Guard Tours at each site, evaluate and transmit to HQ via GPRS.

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