• Runs on Android and Apple Smartphones.

  • Installation and setup in less than 10 minutes.

  • Stand Alone, no need for PC software, nor costly data cloud services.

  • Reduces supervision costs, reports will be transmitted to the area supervisor in seconds.

  • GEO verified QR Checkpoints.

  • “Step Detector” + “Step Counter” to detect and add the amount of steps taken between one
    checkpoint and the next.

  • Motion detector “Man Down Alarm”, to detect if the guard is not moving, sends an SMS alarm.

  • Incident reporting, via messages and photos.

  • Features a configurable Panic - Alert button, SMS & Emergency Phone Call initiation.

  • Complete Tour Reports including GPS coordinates, checkpoint name, officer, site & tour name,
    phone ID, date & time, messages, tour evaluation, omissions and duration.

  • Expandable to your needs, “No limit” to  the amount of Checkpoints, Sites and Tours.

  • Employs MySQL ciphered and compartmentalized database.

  • Reports can be easily and readily viewed on a smartphone, or a PC running Microsoft Excel or
    Google Sheets.
Ares - QR Smart Phone App
UV Stabilized - Wall mounted
Polycarbonate QR Checkpoints
You can print your QR codes and
"stick on the wall"
Heavy Duty Badges